About us

We are a family company – father and three sons. Our dream is to create a company that designs and manufactures terrific, beautiful, innovative bicycle products.


The efneo bicycle gearbox and freewheel are protected by numerous patent and utility design submissions: Show patents
  • P.399591 (PL), PCT/PL2013/000081 (INT)
  • P.403695 (PL), PCT/PL2013/000071 (INT)
  • W.122216 (PL)
  • W.122238 (PL)
  • W.122256 (PL)
  • W.122491 (PL)
  • W.122492 (PL)
All the PL submission are to be submitted internationally. The word trade mark “efneo” is also in the registration process: Z.404247 (PL), IR.1168426 (INT).