Can I assemble Efneo Gearbox to
my bike myself?

Yes, if you have the basic tools and skills. However, we think most people would prefer going to the closest bike shop to have it done.

For what type of bikes is Efneo Gearbox dedicated?

For any type of bike that uses a tapered squared bottom bracket. You can have each type of rear transmission (derailleur, gearbox, single-speed hub) on your rear wheel. We do not recommend it to be used with fixed-sprocket rear hubs.

Does it work properly with
a rear derailleur?

Yes! And the main benefit is you can forget chain-skewing.

Does it work properly with a rear hub gearbox (e.g. Shimano Alfine)?

Yes. However, please, check the specification of your hub. Some manufacturers specify that the chainring in the front should be at least 30-34T. Efneo uses 28T.

Will it fit my derailleur shifter?

No. The gearbox is delivered with the shifter. It is also possible that you will have to change your break shifter on this side of the handle bar where you choose to fix efneo gearbox shifter.
Efneo gearbox shifter is a two-cable grip shifter.

What will be the retail price?

It will be announced soon. However, you are 100% guaranteed our pre-sales price is lower than the retail price will be.

What will be a pre-sales price?

It will be announced soon

When will you start production and pre-sold items delivery?

We assume no later than Winter 2015. However, we’re working on making it sooner!