Rear hub


Rear Hub

In a few years nobody will believe we ever used hubs that did not engage immediately, sounded like angry bees, and actually braked your bike while not pedaling.

In a few years everybody will use only one type of freewheel integrated into their hub – the efneo freewheel and hub. Instant engagement – less than 1 degree of “dead space”. No noise. No braking.

Designed for all types of bicycles.

Advantages for you

Instant engagement

You push the pedal and your bike reacts immediately. Like in a super-car – hit the gas and you’re off. Instantly feel the power.

No noise

With the efneo hub you’ll only hear what you really want. It makes no noise when you stop pedaling. Quiet as a church mouse.

No braking

The efneo freewheel hub does not brake, or slow down your wheel when you are not pedaling so you glide faster, longer, and have more energy when you need it.

Hub Full

How it works?

The following graphic shows innovation of Efneo in the field of so-called „silent hubs”. The difference is only when the wheel turns, but the rear sprocket is motionless (the biker does not pedal). In traditional solutions the internal hub rollers where worn out by continuous friction against the external ring – this made the rollers smaller and smaller, what caused the hub to slip over.

Traditional Hub

traditional ‘silent hub’

The rollers are worn out, because they rub against the external ring.

This way they get small and smaller and perfectly polished. And after some time they begin to slip over

Efneo Hub

efneo active hub

The rollers do not wear out, as they rotate together with the external ring


How it works?(continued)

For years the industry has been seeking a way to use another type of freewheel mechanism – the so called “silent hub” – using a concept of a roller freewheel.

This kind of hub has two major features – it engages immediately and does not make any noise – unlike all pawl and ratchet freewheels with their specific bee-like sound and inefficient rotation of the freewheel before it engages and applies power to the wheel.

All these attempts have failed for one reason – after a very short time the freewheel begins to slide and to date, the only way to prevent this was to make the freewheel extremely heavy. Until now, it is a congenital weakness of all other known roller freewheels – a much higher weight to durability factor than a pawl-and-ratchet mechanism. The weakness comes from the construc-tion in which the rollers are grinding all the time that the cyclist is not pedaling.

After a relatively short time they are worn-out and do not engage effectively when a cyclist pushes hard on his pedals. They “slide”. They all work perfectly when they are brand new from the factory but get “old” and weak very quickly.

Efneo freewheel works differently when not pedaling. The rollers are not grinding at all so the rollers do not wear out nearly as quickly as other roller freewheels did. And since the rollers are not grinding, they do not have to be made so heavy in order to continue to function properly for a very long time. Thus, efneo has invented a new freewheel that is much more efficient than the 19th century pawl-and-ratchet system and is just as durable and lightweight as the pawl-and-ratchet freewheels with the added benefit by using rollers that do not grind when not pedaling, eliminating that noisy, annoying ratcheting sound.

Technical details

Freewheel type

The Efneo Active Hub uses a roller freewheel. Read more how it works and why our roller freewheel is more durable than others here.


Active Hub is about 50-100 grams heavier than traditional hubs of the same class.


Active Hub will be available for all types of bikes.

Axis lenghts

We will offer most common axle lengths for each bike segment.

Spoke holes

We will offer most common spoke holes numbers for each bike segment.


Four sealed bearings.

Sprocket compability

We will offer hubs for the most typical sprockets or sprocket sets used in each bike segment (e.g. Shimano 10/11). More details soon.

We are starting online sales soon!

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