GTRO for trike & Recumbent

This is what Brian J. Ball, Managing Editor says on Efneo GTRO:

“Installation was very easy. If you’ve ever changed a bottom bracket or crankset before, you can install the Efneo. There are no special tools required other than the ones to remove your particular bottom bracket and the ones needed to install a square-taper one.

When actually riding with the Efneo, I hardly noticed it was there. That’s a compliment. It shifted smoothly, made very little noise, and I couldn’t feel any noticeable drag. What I did notice was all of the things that people love about internally geared systems. I could shift while stopped and shifts while moving were faster. If anything, the benefits were more pronounced than they are on an internally geared rear hub because front shifts are usually slower than on the rear.”



Trikes & recumbents

GTRO was tested on trikes and recumbents of many different brands, including:

If you have another horizontal bike and wish to have a GTRO on it, please e-mail wiktor(małpa) with your brand and model name.


Difference One

Longer shifting cable. Our standard shifting cable length is 107cm (42 inches). Shifting cable for a trike/recumbent is 140cm (55 inches) long, for appropriate routing.
However, if you need a longer cable, just let us know in the comment, we can install any length from 50cm (20 inches) to 250cm (98 inches).

Difference Two

Different positioning of a reaction lever (marked with a green dot on a photo below). “GTRO for trike” is ready for the installation on a trike’s or recumbent’s bom.


Full review

Read a full review from Bryan J. Ball’s

RTR Mag review

RTR Mag review by Charles Coyne. Charles tested GTRO on a Lightning P-38 recumbent.

Tims Trike Trips

A very detailed, fully independent review from Tim Trike Trips. Among others, you’ll find some tips on the installation. Highly recommended if you think of a GTRO gearbox seriously.
Tip: Tim paid a full price and got no incentive from Efneo to make a review.

Tims Trike Trips on Efneo “a year later”

Many people asked Tim to share his opinion on GTRO after a year of its usage. Here it comes.

GTRO on Jouta trike – a video presentation

In fact, it’s not a review. It’s a brief video that shows a trike with GTRO onboard, from different angles and positions.

Trike Asylum review

One of the first independent GTRO reviews from an experienced trike owner (former trike dealer, as far as we know), Glen Aldridge. Glen’s brief comment on his GTRO – “I have one word to describe the hub – AMAZING!”


Efneo offers three types of shifters. Our experience shows that around 50% of the customers choose grip, 30% trigger and 20% bar-end.

Grip shifter

Trigger shifter

Bar end shifter

Compatibility with an original Shimano triple shifter.

GTRO is compatible with Shimano Deore triple crankset shifter standard in term of the cable pulls.
If you want to use your current shifter, follow our manual “Shifter replacement” from Manuals & Tutorials website.

Tip: if you plan to use your current shifter, choose GTRO with our shifter of the type you currently have, e.g. if you currently hava a grip shifter for a front derailleur, choose GTRO with a grip shifter.


On trikes and recumbents, GTRO cable is routed precisely the same way a front derailleur cable is routed – from the end of the bom to the shifter.

Our default shifting cable length for trikes & recumbents is 140 cm (55 inches). It works for the majority of the frames.
If it is too long, it’s usually easy to hide the excess cable under a large seat of a trike.
If it’s still too long, you can easily trim it following one of our manuals on a Manual & Tutorials website.
If you think it may be too short for your bike, measure your cable and let us know in the “comment” field on a Checkout site. We will trim it for you accordingly.

How to measure the cable length?
It’s easiest if you have a front derailleur – GTRO cable length should be exactly the same.
If you don’t have a front derailleur on your trike – take the end of the bom as a starting point. However, if you are not sure how to measure it, we recommend taking a default 140 cm (55 inches) cable.


GTRO is available with two versions of a chainring size – 28T or 38T.

28T chainring

Equivalent to a 28/40/50T triple crankset.
Recommended for most of the trikes.
If you are not sure which chainring to choose, choose 28T.
90% of trike owners choose 28T.

Our 28T chainring is made of high-quality steel – Chromoly, of 30 Rockwell C Scale hardness. It is irreplaceable.
We grant a lifetime guarantee for this chainring. You will never need to replace it because of wear.

38T chainring

Equivalent to a 38/54/68T triple crankset.
Recommended for speed racers, velomobiles and electric trikes.
But again – if you are not sure which one to choose, we recommend 28T.
38T chainring is replaceable in case of wear.

If you like numbers, you can find a fantastic tool to analyze gear ratios here:
Sheldon Brown’s calculator is probably the best tool you can find online to analyze bicycle gear ratios and find out what could work best for you!

Is it possible to mount something between 28T and 38T?
The short answer is – no.
Is it possible to mount something larger than 38T?
The short answer is – yes.

If you choose a 38T chainring as your option, you will get a GTRO with a 130BCD adapter and a 38T chainring installed on it. If you wish, you can take it off and put any larger chainring compatible with a 130BCD standard. However, as far as we know, even velomobile owners rarely use GTRO with anything larger than 38T.


Tandem trikes are a rarity, but you can find GTRO on tandems, too!
We know of different applications – with one GTRO and with two GTROs.


In the world of vertical bikes, GTRO is usually purchased for e-bikes with a rear hub engine.
Now it’s also getting more and more popular for rear hub engine trikes and recumbents.
Tip: GTRO is not compatible with front motors like Bosch, Shimano STEPS etc.


GTRO for trike/recumbent

GTRO for trike/recumbent is compatible with all major brands like Trident Trikes, TerraTrike, HP Velotechnik, ICE, Hase Bikes, Green Speed, Cruzbike, Lightning, Azub, Catrike. If your brand is not on the list, e-mail us and we will check it for you.

We recommend a 28T chainring for all trikes, excepting high-speed velomobiles in a closed aerodynamic body.
Now also available in a shortened 152mm version.

30-day money-back guarantee.

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This is a GTRO for a trike or recumbent bike. The only differences to the GTRO standard are:
1) different positioning of a reaction lever,
2) longer shifting cable.

In a package you get:
1. GTRO gearbox (right crank)
2. left crank
3. dedicated bottom bracket
4. shifter with a shifting cable
5. axle bolts and cable ties

Pedals not included.

If you cannot find GTRO for your bike, please email us and we’ll advise if we can deliver a GTRO for you –

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg

Black, Silver


Rapid-fire, Twist-grip, Bar-end

Bottom bracket

68 mm, 100 mm (Fat bike)


Chainring 28T, Chainring 38T, Adapter (130BCD, 5 bolts) for chainring or beltring

Crank length

170mm, 152mm (in silver color only)