Hub description

Active Hub – This is NOT a pawl and ratchet system. It is a whole new system that gives you:

Freewheel type
The Efneo Active Hub uses a roller freewheel. Read more how it works and why our roller freewheel is more durable than others here (link to HUB -> HOW IT WORKS).

Active Hub is about 50-100 grams heavier than traditional hubs of the same class.

Active Hub will be available for all types of bikes.

Axle lengths
We will offer most common axle lengths for each bike segment.

Spoke holes
We will offer most common spoke holes numbers for each bike segment.

Four sealed bearings.

Sprocket compatibility
We will offer hubs for the most typical sprockets or sprocket sets used in each bike segment (e.g. Shimano 10/11). More details soon.