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Gears change presented :
  • direct from 1 to 3,
  • full cycle 3-2-1-2-3,
  • stopping on a gear 3, changing to 1 on a stop, starting.

Our objective is to launch a new type of bicycle gearbox:

  • 3 gears inside! See product details
  • mounted on a crank axle
  • light and compact
  • changes gears while stationary and while pedaling - quickly and smoothly
  • easy reduction to lowest gear at halt – like changing to 1st gear in a car
There are some front gearboxes (mounted in a bicycle bottom bracket shell or beside it) available on the market. The problem is they are very expensive (few hundred dollars) and some of them are very heavy and complicated. That is why they cannot leave their market niches.

efneo is designed to be a product of premium quality – with three gears.

The idea is to launch a product that may replace the front derailleur in most cases. It is light and changes gears quickly both while stationary and while pedaling. We assume it will be adopted in trekking bikes and city bikes first of all.

Why front gearbox and not derailleur? The first reason is that changing gear on a front derailleur is usually awkward and not-so-quick unless you have a top quality, expensive model. The other reason is esthetic - mainly for city bikes - derailleur simply doesn't look good mounted to the city bike.  The third reason is a chain - with front and rear derailleurs it skews, particularly on extreme  chainrings. Whoever rode a bike knows what I mean.

So what's the trick? The trick is in the internal construction. A well-known idea of planetary gearbox is enhanced in a very clever way. It matured within all these two long years that we have been working on the project.

See the product details of efneo.

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